It’s the story behind the most famous guitars in rock music…

It’s the story behind the most famous guitars in rock music…

We certainly couldn’t understand rock music without guitarists, those musicians who fell in love with the sound that emerges when their technical skills are combined with a guitar. Although the credit goes to them entirely, it is undeniable that the instruments are also part of the story, since at the end of the whole lyre became an image to represent this genre that conquered the world. If you want to start playing guitar or even become a rockstar, it is advisable to buy a second-hand guitar to practice on.

In 1952, musician Les Paul completely changed the way this instrument was seen, for that year he showed the guitar that bears his name with the Gibson brand.Soon after, Leo Fender would do the same with two models that became the most used by all guitarists, the Telecaster and the Stratocaster, beginning the golden age of the genre and providing musicians with weapons to create epic anthems.

Les Paul and Slash/Photo: .

That’s why here we will remember the history of some of the most famous guitars that have completely changed the history of rock, either for the form or the sound they gave to the performer, or for having something behind them that made them completely unique:

Hendrix’s Stratocaster is making its way

Monterey, California, 1967.Summer of Love.The Who, Janis Joplin, Otis Redding, Ravi Shankar … and him.Probably the greatest guitarist of all time gave one of the most memorable performances of all time that day…And those who had the opportunity to witness it will certainly not forget it.

Apparently motivated by LSD, Hendrix concluded his vibrant performance by sacrificing his Fender Stratocaster, which he set on fire with the essence of a lighter in front of an ecstatic audience. Some rock historians say that Jimi was inspired by Pete Townshend of The Who, who beat his guitar to bits on stageAnd if that’s so, then he eclipsed it.

Later the guitarist would repeat this feat in the legendary Woodstock of 1969But nothing was as great as the first time. By the way: This burnt guitar was bought by a (very) Hendrix fan in November 2012. He paid 380 thousand dollars for it, a bit crazy.

Watch on YouTubeThe woman who marked B.B.Roi

Sadly on May 14th but 2015, the legendary B.B.King passed away at the age of 89, but his legacy is present in the blues and in the millions of musicians who tried to imitate him, even with the guitar he played, the Gibson ES-335. Although this is the name the popular guitar brand gave him from the factory, the world knew her as Lucille, the blueman’s old companion for so many years.

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